About Us

Our History

FE Games is a games production business entity established in Malaysia. The founders, the brains and muscle of the company, go way back – being avid gamers, and having worked in the industry extensively. We have accumulated enough experience to embark on this journey. Hence, FE Games is borned.

Our Vision

FE Games strives to be a respectable games development studio. We are currently focused on mobile gaming, and in-house intellectual property development. As the company grows, we will gradually expand and move in to the desktop/console markets.

Our Games

FE Games is currently developing its first product – a mobile puzzle game paired with our in-house IP. We are also developing our very own framework that will be iterated for future game projects.


Hello World!

Hello World! Thanks to the efforts from all our co-workers, our office is finally furnished! May the Goddess of Coding shines it’s light upon you.